Who we are … and some legalese …

Ikholwa Community Services, Ikholwa, is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organization (NPO and NGO), as per Section 21 of the South African Law.  As such all the needs are funded 100% through donations from individuals, the community, companies, and churches. Transparency of our services resulted in individuals, companies, churches, etc supporting our homes financially, with food donations and gifts in kind.

Ikholwa is also registered as a PBO with SARS and as such enjoys Section 18 a Tax Exempt status. We are accredited with BEE status level 1.

Each Ikholwa Forever Home is registered as a Child and Youth Care Centre by the Department of Social Development. Children in our care are legally placed by various Children’s Courts in our area. We abide by the regulations of the Children’s Act 38 0f 2005.

We have three homes situated in the Weltevreden Park area. Each home is registered to accommodate 8 children. Our homes are sometimes used as temporary safe homes before children are matched with adoptive families by accredited adoption agencies. For those children who cannot be placed, we commit to be their family for as long and as best as we can.

We have rescued many children. They either reside with us long-term or have been adopted into legal and permanent families or reunited with their families. The word “orphan” does not apply to them anymore as the children belong in a long-term, stable de-facto family. We nurture each child in our care as we would our own