Volunteers and Visitors

1.1      Volunteers and Volunteer Policy

Ikholwa Community Services relies on volunteers to support the Home Management team and staff on a regular basis. Without them it would be difficult to run these homes. These are needed to assist with homework tutoring, collecting food donations, provide therapy, guidance with gardening, transport to various outings, maintenance work, organizing parties, arts and craft classes, life skills and mentorship.

1.1.1    Volunteer Policy

The organisation has a volunteer policy in place.  All applicants need to be screened in accordance with the regulation of the Children’s Act, Section 126; to ensure that their names do not appear on the National Child Protection Register.  Applicants are screened carefully to ensure that they understand the responsibility of being part of the lives of our children.  Our children have been rejected in the past and therefore the volunteers have to commit themselves for a minimum period of one year.  They also have to support the house models and not interfere with the general routine of the homes.

1.1.2    Community Service ad-hoc Volunteers

We have taken the decision to not offer Ikholwa as a facility for Community Service or ad-hoc volunteering.   Our children are very sensitive to having strangers in their homes and we need to respect their privacy and identity.

1.2      Visitors to Our Homes

Visitation is at the discretion of Management. Our children’s well-being and safety are always our priority and all decisions will be made with this in mind.

The homes are just that – the children’s homes and safe havens, and we run the homes like any normal family home.

The children sit together with the House Moms for meals like a family.

We endeavor to respect their needs and privacy.

No photos of our children are permitted at all not even for personal and private use.