Mission and Motivation

Our Mission

Ikholwa is a Zulu word for Believer and we are giving Hope for an improved life to vulnerable children. Our mission is to break the unhealthy cycles in a child’s life, and facilitate healing and reintegration into the community.

We and achieve this by offering unconditional love, restoring dignity, in an atmosphere of family, and total acceptance to all children who come into our care.

Our Motivation

Many South African children face complex deprivations. Approximately 60% of South African children are considered poor while 2, 5 million have been orphaned by the Aids epidemic alone resulting in child-headed homes. Children who have lost one or both parents are at greater risk of dropping out of school. That is the main reason why Ikholwa Community Services was established in 2002. We wanted to give hope and improve the lives of vulnerable children by partnering with Government efforts and interested members of society.