Become Involved / We Need You

1       How You Can Get Involved with Ikholwa

Ikholwa Community Services has many needs. Lists of needs are supplied on request. Ikholwa being an NPO, relies solely on monetary, material and skills donations from all sectors of society. Some of the requirements are as follows:

1.1      Pro bono health care

This will go a long way in reducing our expenses on medicines as well as time spent at public hospitals. Our needs range from dental, eye, orthodontists, physio, play and occupational therapy and hospitals in case of emergencies as well as First Aid supplies.

1.2      Financial

  • Individuals can donate on a monthly or ad hoc basis, we welcome all assistance
  • Financial Aid to run the homes, funding towards school fees, clothes, linen, beds, Sports equipment etc (Claimable from Tax for Companies)
  • Sponsor a child programmes (R200 per month), outings and educational visits, birthday and Christmas gifts, hobbies, toiletries, seasonal clothes etc
  • Volunteer fundraisers

1.3      Healthy Foodstuffs

Groceries, Toiletries, Fresh fruit, Vegetables etc

1.4      General Needs

Toiletries:  babies to teens – soaps, shampoos, tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorants, body spray, body creams, face cream

We welcome “previously loved” and brand new:

Stationery and school bags

Age appropriate good books, DVD’s

Babies and children’s clothes and toys in good condition (from prem, new born to 19 years, girls, boys, tweens and teenagers)

Good second hand furniture and appliances in working order

Good quality wall paints, cupboard doors, tiles, mirrors etc

1.5      Pro bono Maintenance

Maintenance lists and requirements are available on request.

1.5.1    Homes

This is for maintenance of our homes and outer buildings, perimeter walls and appliances; ranging from plumbing, tiling, carpentry, welding, painting, electrical repairs etc. Some homes need soft furnishings and deco inside. Ikholwa also needs assistance with maintenance upkeep or replacing old furniture.

1.5.2    Gardens

Manure, topsoil, plants, Garden equipment, landscapers, outdoor toys